Spot Varnish is applied to chosen spots (areas), of a printed piece. This action gives a highlighting and drawing attention to that part of the design, also adding the smooth visual stimulus of having varied textures on a single printed surface making any material even more interesting.

One very effective technique is to apply a UV gloss spot varnish on top of matt laminated printing. This achieves maximum contrast between the highly reflective shiny UV coating and the light absorbing matt laminate creating a striking first impression on presentation folders or a brochure cover.
Three types of laminators are used most often in digital imaging:
Pouch laminators
Heated roll laminators
Cold roll laminators

Laminating films are generally categorized into these five categories:
Standard thermal laminating films
Low-temperature thermal laminating films
Heatset (or heat-assisted) laminating films
Pressure-sensitive films
Liquid laminate